The G-Force Source: Testing week is here!

The G-Force Source: Testing week is here!

For the last six weeks, G-Force has programmed an intensive strength program, and what comes after a strength block? Testing week! For those that have been training consistently, you would have performed squats, one-and-a-quarter squats, pause squats, cleans and clean complexes, snatches and snatch complexes, presses, and jerks. It has not been easy, but if you’ve been lifting consistently with your percentages, this coming week should see you increasing your personal bests.

We hope that your diet has been clean and that you’ve stayed hydrated over the weekend. Starting Monday, you will be tested on your front squat and snatch, followed by your overhead press on Tuesday. Testing will continue throughout the week, and we’re absolutely ecstatic about seeing new numbers from all of you.

If you do not achieve a new personal best, don’t think you’ve earnt yourself a self-uppercut and think you need to go and eat your sorrows away with pizzas and ice-cream. Training and bettering yourself is a never-ending process, so never give up. Seek advice from your coaches, and we will guide you as best we can to some new personal bests!


As you can see from our header image, something exciting happened to Sebastian while at the CrossFit Games in Los Angeles. He met one of the kings of weightlifting: Dmitry Klokov!

Sebastian was perusing his Instagram feed and noticed that the big man himself was at a stand within the Games’ grounds. Sebastian went on a wild hunt, found Klokov, asked for a photo and was told, “Of course champion!”

All the boys overseas seem to have had an amazing time in the States, but their adventures come to an end very soon. They return to our shores this week, and big-boss Glen will be back at G-Force on Wednesday. If you’ve missed all their photographic updates, you can view what they’ve been up to on their individual Instagram accounts: Jono, Alex, and Sebastian.

Good luck to all of you being tested at G-Force this week. Be confident, visualise the lift, listen to your coaches, and make it pretty!

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