The G-Force Source: The BENt On Massacre got bent by G-Force

The G-Force Source: The BENt On Massacre got bent by G-Force

Fourteen of G-Force’s fit and lean fighting machines dominated the BENt On Massacre competition on Saturday. There were personal bests, and there were two podium finishes. Jak and her arguably better half Josh finished in third in the mixed pairs division, and Roley (cute self-proclaimed nickname for Roland) and Stephan “Quadzilla” finished second in the open division. Josh did a 100kg hang snatch which is a new personal best for him, Mumma Megan did a 60kg hang clean, Mitto got a 47kg hang snatch, and our South American gangster Sebastian hit a 110kg hang clean. We’re extremely proud of the couplets and their podium finish, but credit also goes out to the rest of the crew for travelling some great distance equivalent to driving to Perth, giving the competition a shot, and from what we hear, having a great time together.

However, it’s not all laughs and celebrations. News has returned to the shores at G-Force of some of the happenings behind the scenes. Whispers tell of Steve not-so-secretly enjoying the wheelbarrow race a little too much, and big boss Glen almost missing a 70kg hang clean. Not sorry boss, but if you’re failing to complete your lifts at a warm-up weight, we’ll have to bring you back to basics. Back to the broom stick for you! We are greatful though that G-Force 1 (Glen and Sebastian) survived the competition without Sebastian going all South American loco, and without Glen going all white-boy cray cray.

BENt On 5

Reverting focus out of Perth (or wherever these guys went) and back to G-Force, there were more PBs had inside the gym. Little Lauren deadlifted 106kg for four reps, up from her previous best of 100kg; Rangi deadlifted 210kg for four reps; Stephan tried to out-best Rangi but came away with his own best of 160kg for four reps; Danyelle snuck in for a sneaky session and cleaned 60kg, and upped her backsquat max from 100kg to 102kg; and lastly, Courtney’s clean went up from 70kg to 75kg.

Beattie had his bucks party on the weekend. We hope that nothing untoward happened to him during the siesta, but perhaps that hope is lost because, well… it’s a bucks party. Congratulations on hopping over those last few stepping stones till it’s all official Beattie!

Coach Alex T celebrated his birthday on the weekend too. We don’t think it would be as rowdy as a bucks, but we hope you had a pleasant weekend BGA. If you can’t figure out what that name abbreviation is, ask me in the gym.

Handstand Walk Progression

The Handstand Walk
Welcome crew to this first ever G-Force Movement Bank! This is where we will give you movement and mobility tips and hints on some of the movements you’ll see in the week following the release of each blog. This week, some of you will be tackling the handstand walk. We understand that not everyone can walk on their hands as yet, but these tips might help you on the way to finally making that one step on those hands without breaking your <insert expletive here>.

Carl Paoli is a gymnastics and CrossFit guru. We will refer a lot to his progressions for gymnastic movements. For the handstand walk, he provides a six minute progression video where he talks about body positioning and how it will assist you with achieving a better handstand walk without those feet flailing all over the place like a drunk Russian dancer. One option for those that have trouble with moving their hands is adopting a position on a box like a pike handstand that we’ve done in classes before, and practice shifting hands in the pike handstand position. That’s also an option for those that want to scale the workout and use that as part of the WOD rather than other scaled options like handstand holds against a wall. If you’re confident at kicking up to a handstand, use the wall and progress to the wall by shifting your centre of gravity to the wall and walking towards it. Start short; perhaps one or two steps with the hands. As you get better, move slightly further away and make your walk towards to the wall longer.

View Carl’s progression video here. If, however, you need a progression for kicking up to a handstand, watch his kick up to a handstand progression video here.

See you all in the gym.

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