The G-Force Source: The Crazy Festive Season

The G-Force Source: The Crazy Festive Season

It’s that crazy time of year where we mix a bit of craziness and festiveness into one big ball and somehow come out on the other end fatter from all the food and closer to aging another year older. However, we will be trying to limit everyone’s entry into the “I feel fat from all the Christmas food” zone with G-Force’s first ever beach sessions. Starting this week on Saturday, we’re introducing beach sessions at Cronulla which will take place every fortnight on Saturday morning. They will continue through to the end of summer. Suns out, guns and buns out!

This Saturday, meet at Fitness First Cronulla Beach at Wanda at 7am for a 7.10am start. There will be a team workout followed by a group fun activity to finish the morning’s workout. We hope to see you all there!

On top of our beach sessions, and to help quash that Christmas time tubbiness, there will be open gym sessions during the Christmas and New Years period. The holiday timetable will be released soon. Keep an eye on the blog, our website and on our Facebook page for timings for the holiday period. When we can confirm there will be an open gym, we will use our Facebook page to let you know when the gym will be open outside of normal class times.

The G-Force Christmas party is this coming Saturday, the 12th of December. We will be meeting at the public wharf on Tonkin Sreet, Cronulla, around 12pm. The cruise embarks on its voyage at 12.30pm, and will return to shores at 4.30pm. Do not forget the Hawaiian theme. Whether you’re in a Hawaiian shirt, or wearing a coconut bra and grass skirt, we don’t mind. Keep in mind that the festivities will continue on after we disembark.

Congratulations to Luke Big Boy Boness on his new PB snatch at 90kg, Gareth cleaning 85kg, and Courtney cleaning 80kg.


Snatch Overview

The snatch is by far the most complex movement in CrossFit. It causes anger, frustration, sadness, and depression. But more so anger. We’ve seen it. The poor equipment at G-Force has been subject to some post-snatch anger-fueled abuse. It takes countless years to achieve a good understanding on how to perform the movement. Some of the world’s best weightlifters struggle with the movement, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

With the snatch, you will find that some of the smallest adjustments can make the largest differences on performing a good snatch. There are many pointers to think about, and at G-Force, we try to communicate those pointers across to you as often as we can. Not everyone is the same, however, and a lot of you require different pointers for different faults. But generally, the set-up and execution of the movement will remain the same.

Barbell Shrugged offers some great videos on how to perform a snatch. In this video, they offer a short five minute overview of the movement, but they have additional videos where they break the movement down for ease of learning.

What we want to see in your snatches is that you start at the bottom in the set-up very tight, switching all your large muscle groups on; shoulders back and down, back tight, head up, hammies engaged. Depending on your height, your hand placement and feed width with vary. As you pull the bar, pull it off the ground smoothly without yanking the bar. Start by pushing through the legs and not pulling with the arms; we want to avoid pulling early with the arms and bending at the elbows. As the bar leaves the floor, move the knees back to allow a straight path for the bar. As you pass the knees, speed up and start bringing your hips through. Your knees remain bent, they come underneath and through the bar whilst you have a vertical torso with the arms still straight. Brush the bar. By this, we mean that contact with your hips and the bar creating that momentum to help drive that bar up. Once you brush, extend up onto the toes whilst at the same time shrugging aggressively with the traps. Then, pull hard with the arms by bringing the elbows up and back, and you may if required create the slight lay-back where you lean back to extend further as your elbows come up and back. As your bar reaches its peak vertical point, actively pull yourself under the bar by throwing your feet out from their original starting position, pressing up hard with the shoulders to lock them out to hold the bar, and allow yourself to drop into a nice squat position with the bar directly overhead. Once you’ve caught the bar, without rushing, stand up to full lock-out to complete the snatch.

In a nutshell, that’s the snatch. Enjoy!

See you all in the gym.

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