The G-Force Source: The importance of family

The G-Force Source: The importance of family

Life is full of difficult trials. It’s the unavoidable nature of life. But what is not unavoidable is how you deal with the harder moments in life, and more so, what you learn from it.

Unfortunately, in most cases of life’s trials, we are very quick to forget the sentiments that we gain. How many times have you been through tribulations to come out more forgiving, more loving, and more appreciative of your friends and loved ones, but very soon after you’ve reverted back to your cynical and hateful ways? Again, it seems to be the nature of life.

It’s probably safe to make the assumption that everyone has experienced some form difficulty in their lives. We all know the feeling. What we all also come to realise is how much we need our friends’ and family’s support.

Some of you are probably left wondering: “Why’s this blog so gloomy?” My rebuttal to you is that it’s not gloomy at all. It’s one small effort to make you come to the realisation of how important your family is to you, and to never forget it.

It is with a heavy heart that we’re telling you of a truth we learnt recently. One of G-Force’s very own is battling at this very moment. If Glen is the father of G-Force CrossFit, that would make Glen’s father Wayne the Grandfather of G-Force CrossFit.

The Grandfather of G-Force is undergoing surgery on Monday the 17th of August—the day after this blog is published—in hopes of saving his life from a brain tumor. Tomorrow, our thoughts, hopes and prayers will be with the Laws family. If you wish to help, you can learn more here [] and see how you can donate. The response thus far has been immensely overwhelming for the Lawsies. The generosity of people is a great thing to witness.

Wayne has always been there for G-Force. He has been at every barbecue, making sure all us super fit and hungry athletes get fed. He is at every CrossFit Open and Regional. He dons the colours, and he wears them proudly.

To return to the moral of this blog: know your friends, and know your family. Your family is not always limited by blood, either. At G-Force, we believe ourselves to be one big extended and fit family who are there to support one another. That’s just what we’ll be doing tomorrow during Wayne’s surgery, and just what many current and former G-Forcians have done online by donating. I guess once you’re a G-Forcian, you’re always a G-Forcian.

Know your friends. Know your family. Never forget them and never under-appreciate them, because whether you realise it or not, everyone’s time is-a tickin’. No matter how much of a bad day you’ve had, no matter how tired you are, and no matter how extremely hangry you are because you missed breakfast and lunch, appreciate your family, both blood and non-blood related. Don’t fall victim to the cynical and forgetful nature of life.

As Glen says: “Never forget where you came from.”

Never forget (2)

All the best tomorrow Wayno. All of G-Force will be thinking of you.

Crew: be sure to don your G-Force colours during all sessions on Monday 17th August. Spread the word.

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  • Janelle Ellis
    Posted at 23:43h, 16 August

    Such a thoughtful, moving and inspirational piece. Thankyou for blogging your meaningful thoughts

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