The G-Force Source: time to re-focus

The G-Force Source: time to re-focus

The Opens are behind us. You can all sigh in relief! The competition season for most of us is over, and it is now time to realign your mind, body and soul and focus on new goals, a new mentality, and a new and better athletic you.

As coaches and friends to you all, it pains us deeply like a knife-wound to the gluteus maximus when we see you walk into the gym, do nothing more than just the WOD, walk out of the gym, then rinse and repeat. No goals, no drive, no desire for something greater. We understand that to some, CrossFit is just a means to keep the fat rolls and bay so you can go and enjoy that double beef, double cheese and double bacon burger. But is that really enough? Don’t you want to walk out of the gym with a sense of accomplishment? Don’t you want to feel super like you’ve just conquered Everest? OK, perhaps a little cheesy and a little too far. But we’re trying to make a point here.

Goal setting is an imperative aspect of your training, and it should be adopted by every single one of you. Whether they’re short or long term goals, gym-related or related to something else entirely in your life, you need these goals to help give you that little nudge, that little leap of faith to go above and beyond the realm of normality.

Write your goals down. Use our gym’s goals board, or keep it written somewhere at home where you see it every day. Share your goals with people you care about and people you know that want you to be a better you. Have a due date so you don’t procrastinate your goals and finally decide to attempt them at the ripe old age of 99. Keep your goals positive and free from a negative disposition. Avoid words like can’t, avoid, not, and limit. Make your goals measurable, achievable, and relevant to you.

Ricky Snatch

To help you all on your way to new goals in the gym, our new strength-based program has started. Gone are the endless long-winded workouts and repetitive short burners. The focus now turns to programming to help improve your lifts which include the snatch, clean & jerk, and squats. Included in the programming is also a focus on testing benchmark CrossFit workouts to also track your cardiovascular fitness. Last week, we tested Helen, and there will be other benchmark workouts included in our programming so you can accurately measure your progress. Yes, this means Fran too. Fran will pop up somewhere, so prepare yourself, and have your Fran-cough medicine handy.

Working in conjunction with our strength program is an upcoming six week training block with Olympic Lifting coaches Ricky and Sarah. They have been to our gym before, and they’re back again to help improve your technique and movement with the snatch and clean & jerk. Lifting training with Ricky and Sarah will be on Friday nights at 7pm and sessions will go for one and a half hours. This will be your opportunity to improve your technique and fine-tune your movement, and the six week training block is suitable for all levels of experience. Register your interest with Glen as soon as humanly possible. Like today!

To conclude this week’s edition of the Source, we’re offering invitation to all the soldiers of the G-Force blue army to come together this Sunday at 5pm at Cronulla RSL for a good feed and a few cheeky drinks.

See you all in the gym, and again on the weekend at Cronulla RSL.

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