The G-Force Source: turning life upside down

The G-Force Source: turning life upside down

John F kennedy

As wee-little toddler baby athletes, we learn to walk on our own two feet. Would we be as efficient as walking on our feet if we were to learn to walk on our hands as little humans? I guess we won’t know unless someone subjects their child to the experiment, but there are plenty of fully grown men and women who can stand and walk on their hands as efficiently as they can with their feet.

CrossFit is all about varied movement which brings us to some peoples’ favourite gymnastic movements: the handstand, handstand walk and handstand push-up.

Throwing yourself upside down can be scary but there are plenty of scaled options and progressions for the handstand movements to help you better your skills. At G-Force, people perform pike handstands on a box, whether they be handstand holds, push-ups or shoulder taps (a progression for handstand walks). There are wall-facing wall climbs, handstands to a band, or if you’re really trusting of your mates, handstand to a mate. The variations are many and they will all assist you with your handstand skills. As an accessory to build stronger shoulders to support the handstand movements, some of our crew at G-Force will perform dumbbell and barbell shoulder presses, as well as banded shoulder presses.

If you’re looking at refining and improving your handstand skills, step into G-Force this Thursday, 13th of April at 6.30pm for a handstand workshop. Improvement requires commitment, so if you want to get better, clear your calendar for Thursday night and get yourself into G-Force.

Continue below as we announce our following week’s workshop and highlight all y’all’s new personal bests.

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Next Thursday the 20th of April at 6.30pm, G-Force will be hosting a jerking workshop. There’s a guarantee that 75% of people will read that and think something dirty. After reading that last sentence, now 100% of you will <insert bicep flex emoji>.

The jerking workshop will focus on the dip, drive and split position of the jerk. It’s something everyone can learn from so come on down!

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