The G-Force Source: UP UP CRONULLA!

The G-Force Source: UP UP CRONULLA!

I am no NRL enthusiast, but The Shire is packed to the rim with good spirits, flags, face painted fans, and an endless sea of Sharks jerseys. It’s an admirable sight seeing so many people joined together for a common purpose, focused on one goal: supporting what they love. We sometimes don’t see enough of that, and it shouldn’t take a major event to see the community together as one.

Today and tonight is going to be a big celebration for us Shire folk, regardless of the outcome in tonight’s game. Our message to our athletes from G-Force is to go and enjoy yourselves. So often are we slaves to routine with how we train and how we eat. We do not discourage that routine, especially if it is designed properly to help sustain our high levels of energy output. What we also do not discourage is that one occasional day to break that routine and to enjoy yourselves. Have that beer (or a few), enjoy that Messina ice-cream, have that block of chocolate. All of that is acceptable when done in moderation, but more importantly, having that cheat meal (not a cheat day) keeps us sane.


A couple of announcements for our G-Force blue army. Tomorrow’s public holiday Monday (3rd October), G-Force will have one session only at 9am. Doors will open at 8.30am. We have planned a fun team workout for those that turn up, so head in for a fun-filled session for the public holiday Monday.

On Saturday October 15th, G-Force will celebrate its 6th birthday with friends and family. These momentous occasions give G-Force an opportunity to give back to our athletes, their friends and families and show you how appreciative we are of you all turning up time and time again. We will be running a group workout suitable to all fitness levels, followed by a BBQ breakfast that G-Force will be providing. Bring your friends, bring your families, bring you dogs, cats, mice, hamsters, horses, donkeys, camels, budgies, eagles, or whatever you call your family companion. Put your names up and those that you are bringing with you on the whiteboard in the gym so we can accommodate appropriately for all the numbers.

See you all in the gym. And UP UP CRONULLA!

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