The G-Force Source: UzbekiAwesome – who would of thought?

The G-Force Source: UzbekiAwesome – who would of thought?

Visiting another country can really offer some great, perhaps also harsh, perspective on life. It allows us to compare societies and cultures, and maybe offer some constructive criticisms on things we take for granted.

I recently embarked on a three week voyage to the far reaches of Uzbekistan. Some people I’ve conversed with have never even heard of the country. For those that are geographically challenged, Uzbekistan is a landlocked country that sits near the borders of Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The reason for visiting the country was a two week training camp with the Uzbek weightlifting team which was organised by Ricky Gulyamov and Atletika Weightlifting.

The training camp was one of the greatest sports-related experiences I’ve ever partaken in. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the world’s best lifters. And not only are they the best athletically, but they’re also amongst the most humble and modest athletes I’ve ever met. Their weightlifting numbers have earned a number of the Uzbek lifters the titles of world champions in all categories (Senior, Junior, and Youth). Yet, their egos during our interactions were non-existent. They were always respectful and a pleasure to be around. Can we say that top level lifters from other countries, perhaps even our own, could cast themselves under that same light?

There are numerous training camps around the world, each offering interactions with some of the world’s greatest lifters. However, I can safely proclaim that no other training camp other than the one in Uzbek offers individuals the opportunity to socialise with top level lifters like we did during our camp. I made long term friends that I look forward to seeing in the foreseeable future.

There are aspects of the camp that I can’t discuss publicly. But if you have any questions, come and see me in the gym and I’ll share what I can. If you’re interested in such an experience, a camp will run again next year, but this time around, we get to see how the athletes prepare for the Olympic Games. Now that will be an experience like no other. Contact myself or Ricky Gulyamov to enquire.

5th Birthday

Returning the focus to G-Force, the gym surpassed it’s 5th Birthday, and like all G-Force birthdays, it calls for celebration! On the 24th of October, we’re doing barefoot bowls. Details are on the whiteboard in the gym. We hope to see everyone there to celebrate the milestone.

It seems we have some new personal bests to catch up on. In all their glory, here they are:

Luke: bench press 150kg!! Holy sweet mother of benches!

Back Squat
Casey: 65kg
Sergio: 145kg

Alby: 105kg
Roland: 141kg

Jak: 60kg
Josh: 95kg
Allan: 65kg -> 70kg
Luke: 85kg -> 87kg

Luke/Buzz: 72.5kg -> 82kg
Shanci: 35kg -> 45kg

Front Squat
Seb: 150kg -> 153kg
Megan: 52kg -> 60kg
Mitto: 80kg -> 87.5kg
Casey: 50kg -> 60kg
Courtney: 70kg -> 90kg
Kim: 120kg
Gareth: 102.5kg
Stephan: 121kg
Shaz: 60kg -> 65kg


We’re making special mention of Little Lauren’s achievement during the week. For some time now, she’s been working to complete a full muscle up with struggles in pressing out the ring dip. On Thursday, both Glen and I were otherwise occupied and heard from the back of the room in a loud and excited voice, “Glen, Glen, Glen!” We look over and see Little Lauren locked out at the top of a muscle up. She later went on and did a second for us, just to prove she can do it.

Well done Little Lauren!

It was good to be back at G-Force this week. They say there’s no place like home, and I’m glad to have stepped back into my second home at G-Force. It’s a happy place like no other.

See you all in the gym.

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