The G-Force Source: value in variety

The G-Force Source: value in variety

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”  — Narcotics Anonymous

Routine is comfortable but it can also be the enemy. A daily eating, bathing and money-earning routine is a good thing, but when you apply routine to your training regime, that’s where you start playing with a quickly-diminishing fire. Why is it diminishing? If you want the fire to burn bright, you want to continually add fuel to that fire. If you leave the fire without adding anything to it, it’ll burn out fast.

The analogy is quite simple: if you’re going to the gym and find yourself repeating the same ol’ routine with bicep curls, bench press and the leg press machine, you’ve fallen into the trap of muscular complacency. Change the routine and add something new to shock the system; you’ll find that you’ve refuelled your fire. Your muscles will work in new ways and you should see some new gainz. Yes, gainz with a z because we’re gangsta (yes, not gangster).

Variety is one of the core ideas of CrossFit. We go back to the sport’s definition: “…constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” Each day when you walk into a CrossFit gym, there’s a new workout with different movements in a different format, scaled to your ability. You’re continually improving with new movements and new workouts to keep that flame alive.

At G-Force, we pride ourselves on results. We’re helping make better bodies and better overall lifestyles using the methodology of CrossFit with functional movement. We’re not standing in front of a mirror doing the same basic muscle isolation exercises for mere aesthetics. We don’t dismiss them, but muscle isolation exercises are our accessory and extra components of training.

What do you think is better? Basic repetitive muscle isolation exercise that may dim your fire, or constantly varied functional movement taking in all aspects of training?

Learn the value in variety.

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