The G-Force Source: We hope they don’t elope

The G-Force Source: We hope they don’t elope

The modern day of stalking is made all to easy for us with social media. We know what most people do day-to-day, and it’s how we find out about what’s going on in people’s lives. Back in the day of home telephones and Nokia 5110’s where all you could do on the phone was play snake, stalking was not so easy. Making that phone call to a home number to have a parent answer  the phone was one of the many struggles.

But I digress. A lot, actually. What I’m meaning to say is, most of you at G-Force, through social media and word-of-mouth, would know that members of Team G-Force are taking to the skies and venturing overseas for some sun and CrossFit Games action. Meg and Emma are already in Mexico, soaking up some vitamin D, and they’ll be meeting up with others from G-Force in the U-S-of-A to watch the world Games.

Glen, Alex, Stu, Johno, Steve and Luke will be heading overseas. We would normally wish them a safe flight, but what’s probably more appropriate to say to them is, “Make it back home in one piece!”

Edit: Our very own Columbian, Sebastian AKA Maricon, is venturing overseas with the boys as well. It seems he has managed to pay someone off to let him through customs. Or threatened them in some typical South American fashion.

But, are they truly going to watch the Games, or is that a façade for something else? Will a not-too-distant edition of The G-Force Force have a title something along the lines of, “Breaking News: Head Coach and Best Mate Elope in Vegas?” Only time will tell, and social media will tell us all about it…

Johno Footy 2

On a more serious note (though I  was a little serious earlier), Johno represented New South Wales in the Police Rugby League on the weekend. Johno’s team took on the Police state team from Queensland. The match ended in a 10-10 draw with Johno having scored both tries for New South Wales. Additionally, Johno was granted man of the match for his indomitable efforts throughout the game. G-Force would like to congratulate Johno for his amazing efforts, and we’re proud and excited to see him join the coaching team at G-Force.

We’re also excited to have seen Jak back in the gym again after her surgery. In an earlier edition of the Source, we explained that Jak had to go through surgery for hernias. Yes, plural. But she has recovered, and she’s slowly easing back into training. We’re happy to see you at G-Force again Jak. Welcome back!

There are some brand new faces in G-Force as well. We welcome Craig, David (see what I did there, putting those two names together?), Paul, Lorinda, and Julia. If you see them at the gym, make them feel welcome and a part of the blue army.

On a final note, prepare yourselves for testing week which is coming up in a few weeks. Our strength program has been intense the last few weeks, and so far you guys have been doing well. Be sure to eat well, keep hydrated, and don’t hit the turps too hard if you’re wanting to see some new personal bests.

See you all at G-Force!

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