The G-Force Source: welcome to our new coach and tracking system

The G-Force Source: welcome to our new coach and tracking system

“Greatness, whether athletic or otherwise, doesn’t come from those content on just being but from those who seek being the difference.”
– Kirk Mango

There have been a couple of new additions to G-Force, one of which will track your progress at G-Force, and the other enforces our program and corrects your movement. Our new tracking program, SugarWOD, we’ll discuss later in this edition of the Source and explain how it works. We’d first like to make special introduction to our new coach Laura. Some of you would have seen her in the gym and may have participated in one of her classes, but here’s the story behind the coach.

In 2007, Laura enlisted into the Australia Defence Force in the regular army where she began a prosperous career in medical training and large-scale coaching. She completed the Advanced Medical Assistance course which granted her a Certificate IV in nursing. She continued with the Combat Fitness Leader course, then posted to Special Operations and Logistics Support in Sydney as an Advanced Medical Technician and head trainer of the unit.

During her time in the army, she coached up to one hundred personnel per session. Anyone who has been on the other side and coached a class of humans, you could imagine the head noise coaching one hundred personnel could cause. But we do it out of love of seeing people improve.

Laura’s duties in Logistics Support consisted of her designing and instructing all physical training and testing for that unit. One would say she’s well versed in making humans better. She has since discharged from the army and has taken up personal training and CrossFit coaching. During the last eight years, Laura was athletics champion two years in a row, placing 2nd in cross country, 2nd in obstacle course competitions, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in sports modelling competitions and 2nd, 3rd and 6th in CrossFit competitions.

We now welcome her to G-Force CrossFit. With all her experience in the field of physical training, she’s a great addition to the coaching team and we look forward to seeing her in action. Also, we’re lucky to have someone with advanced medical training in the gym for when you suffer a coronary during Fran. Laura has your back. Or your heart, whichever is more dire.


SugarWOD: most of you have downloaded the app and joined G-Force CrossFit (without the hyphen in the app). Head coach Glen has been pushing this and for good reason. SugarWOD is going to track your performance and progress, record your personal bests, calculate your percentages in WODs based on your recorded PBs, and it’s going to assist the coaches in bettering you as an athlete over time. We’re going to give you a quick run-down of how the app works.

Firstly, if you’re over the notifications of people joining the gym, you can adjust your notifications under settings. Change the New Box Member to No. We strongly recommend you keep New Comment and New Fist Bump on Yes so you can see when people comment on your progress and give you a virtual fist bump. Also, keeping G Force CrossFit WOD on Yes is most important so you’re notified of the next day’s WOD and any announcements each day.

From the drop down menu, go into Your PRs and record all your known personal bests in all the lifts, girl WODs like Helen, Fran (vomit), Diane and so forth. You can also record bests for hero WODs, gymnastic momements, Open, Regional and Games WODs, and finally endurance PBs for the row and runs.

When our daily WOD gets released (scheduled for 5pm the day before), you can hit the Prepare button which will bring up your personal bests for any movements listed in the WOD. There is also a percentage calculator so you know what lifts or times you need to hit before the class. Using this app’s percentage calculator is going to save a tremendous amount of time where previously you would walk into the gym and stare at the whiteboard’s percentage chart for ten minutes. That’s ten minutes of warming up and stretching that you can do before we start the workout.

We’ve talked about accountability, and we’re now placing responsibility on you to help yourself and your coaches by recording your scores. If you choose not to use this free app, you should really ask yourself why you’re denying yourself something that’s going to make you better. Unless you’ve lost all your fingers, toes, nose or any other body part which prevents you from using a smart phone, we can’t see any other reason for you not to use SugarWOD. We understand that time is precious and we’re all busy, but most of you if not all have your phone on you all day long. Instead of going through Facebook or Instagram, taking a duck-face selfie on Snapchat or playing Candycrush, look at SugarWOD and prepare yourself for our workouts. Most of you probably take your phone’s into the toilet for number twos, so that’s another opportunity to use the app.

We look forward to seeing your scores and your progress recorded on this app.

See you all in the gym.

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