The G-Force Source: Welcome to the 2018 CrossFit Open

The G-Force Source: Welcome to the 2018 CrossFit Open

“The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation and the fun is in the community.” — Greg Glassman, CEO and Founder of CrossFit

This week, the world famous and community-driven main event of CrossFit kicks off. It’s called The Open and it’s the first step in the competition leading up to the world CrossFit Games. It sounds a little daunting for those who might not be chasing medals and that’s perfectly understandable; that’s why The Open is designed not just for the elite, but for absolutely anybody of any skill level. So, what is The Open?

Rory Mckernan–the media host of CrossFit–describes it as: “…the community event of the year. Everybody does it because it spotlights everything you love about CrossFit: community, hard work, progress and of course, some shared suffering with friends.”

We want you to focus on two parts of Rory’s description: community and progress. They’re the two defining words of what The Open is all about. First and foremost is community. That’s an ideology of CrossFit’s which is shared with us at G-Force where everything we do is designed around getting together and making the road to ultimate fitness as social as possible. No workout is complete without your coach and your fellow trainees roaring motivation at you either right in your face or from across the other side of the gym. In The Open, that concept is multiplied tenfold and the atmospheres created during the five week competition phase are absolutely incredible.

Second to community is progress. The combined efforts from the coaches, programming and your sweat and tears in the gym would be wasted if progress was not a part of it. The Open helps you track your progress each year to see how you’ve improved in CrossFit. There’s a leaderboard that can be customised per region, per state, per gender and much more to see how your results match up with your friends but more importantly, it will show you your previous years’ results.

The Open usually sees athletes (yes, that’s you!) achieving new personal bests or completing new movements they never have before. That’s what happens when you combine community and progress during The Open.

Do yourself a favour and register for this year’s Open and get amongst the fun. Watch Rory’s introduction to The Open below.

[To our friends at G-Force, make sure you register as part of our affiliate as well as the team]

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