The G-Force Source: We’re going to the Regionals!

The G-Force Source: We’re going to the Regionals!

If you haven’t heard the news already (and if you haven’t, you’ve been living under a shady rock), G-Force has qualified for Regionals! It has been a long and drawn out wait, but earlier in the week, Glen received official notification from the CrossFit Games that G-Force will be in attendance at the 2015 CrossFit Pacific Regionals. Hallelujah!

As with any CrossFit event where G-Force athletes are competing, we ask that you all attend and cheer on your mates. Last year at the Regionals, Glen and Alex were fortunate enough to have the blue army at the sidelines yelling their names. It was an absolute proud moment for G-Force, and we want to replicate that this year for our team which comprises of Glen, Stu, Alex T, Meg, Emma, and Jak. The Regionals take place 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of May at Wollongong Entertainment Centre. Tickets can be purchased online at We hope to see you all there wearing the colours as the one big family that we are.

WOD for Nepal 2

G-Force conducted WOD for Nepal on Saturday. We’re extremely grateful for everyone’s efforts during the WOD, and for their donations. We hope you’re all up to speed on the situation in Nepal. Refer to last week’s blog here for further information. For everyone else who did not attend on Saturday, the donation jar will be at G-Force Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Please add your donation so that we can send it through to the organisers who in turn will send 100% of proceeds to those in need in Nepal.

It’s PB time! This week, the board ran out of room for your personal bests. This makes us ecstatically happy. To start off, we’d like to make a shout-out to Beattie who was given a bit of a rough time last week for not making much sense on the PB board. This week, he has come back with a 160kg back squat, increasing his previous personal best by 5kg. We are told that this has been a long-time effort for him. Beattie, we tip our hats off to you for breaking through. Congratulations! The G-Force leprechaun Steve creeped onto the board once more with a 2kg PB on his split jerk, jumping up to 107kg, and also a PB on his push press at 93kg. Si hit an 88kg push jerk, up from 72.5kg; Lachlan hit the triplet with an increase in his clean from 67.5kg to 70kg, a 60kg snatch, and 105kg back squat; Alison’s back squat went up 2.5kg to 92.5kg; The Crabmeister (AKA Crabby) increased his back squat by 5kg at 140kg, as well as hitting a 50kg snatch; Booker achieved a 90kg snatch; Mitto increased her snatch by 4kg at 55kg; Sebastian, AKA Maricon, hit a 72kg snatch, making that a 7kg PB, and also split jerking 99kg, up for 95kg; and Matt Johno’s clean & jerk went up from 125kg to 130kg!

That is the wow factor, right there. Well done crew!

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