The G-Force Source: what is the CrossFit Open?

The G-Force Source: what is the CrossFit Open?


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The “Open” to some is a word that sprouts excitement. To others, it’s a filthy word that makes them want to puke. It should not be the latter, and we’re going to tell you why.

The CrossFit Open is the first stepping stone for athletes wanting to tackle the world CrossFit Games and be crowned the fittest male, female and team in the world. To us normal folk who run about our daily grind by working, eating, sleeping, eating some more, feeding the kids (this includes pets), ridding the body of waste, eating some more, and then finally at some point fit in a CrossFit session at G-Force CrossFit… the world games sounds a bit far-fetched. The Open, however, is not.

The Open is an event for us, the normal daily grinding folk, to challenge ourselves to another workout just like any other day, to cheer your friends on who are succumbing to death-by-burpees, and to bring you together with those now dead-by-burpee friends. The Open for us, the local people, is for community. One of the main initiatives of the Open is bringing people together, and it does just that. And much better than Tinder, too.

It’s a short five week challenge where we can see where we stand up against our former selves from the previous year, where we stand in the gym, or for those new to CrossFit, to create a new footprint for us to compare to in the year to come.

The Open has its rx’d and scaled options. Participate by going to and registering under our affiliate as well as the team. For more information on what The Open is about whether you’ve done CrossFit for three years or only two weeks, go here and read up.

As Coach Glassman says:

Magic in the movement - Glassman

We conclude this week’s edition of the Source with some important highlights below and new personal bests to kick off the new year.

See you all in the gym.


 Highlights new


G-Force sends a huge congratulations to Beattie and Elle on welcoming their new baby boy Lang Leonard Beattie. I’ve personally seen the excitement on Beattie’s face in the couple of weeks leading up to his son’s birth and it’s one of life’s cherishable moments in seeing such beauty in the birth of a new life and the fondness in the parents’ eyes. Well done guys!

Stephan (edited)

We also celebrate the completion of Stephan’s Alpine Classic bike ride which is a long ride in Victoria to climb up the famous Mount Buffalo. Stephan has been training for this occasion to ride it with his father, and this is how he describes it: “What an incredible experience. Definitely the hardest endurance thing I’ve done. But very rewarding. Have felt overwhelmed from all the support and the opportunity to do the whole thing with my dad. We started at 4am in the morning. The highlight of the day was definitely climbing mount Buffalo under a full sky of stars and following a chain of hundreds of small red lights (rear tail lights) up the side of the mountain to a full sunrise on the misty lake at the top of Mount Buffalo.”

Well done Stephan!


January - Week 4

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