The G-Force Source: What people say about G-Force

The G-Force Source: What people say about G-Force

“It is good people who make good places.”
– Anna Sewell, Black Beauty

At G-Force CrossFit, we’re strong believers in the strength of our community and its unity. We know we have a good thing going at G-Force, and we have one major contributing factor to thank for that: the people, the athletes.

G-Force is a happy, welcoming and united place for people to come together to train CrossFit. We share plenty of laughs, plenty of smiles, but we also get the work done and continue to see significant improvement in our athletes.

Recently, we recorded some testimonial videos to see what our members had to say about G-Force. The response was overwhelmingly flattering.

“Everyone motivates you, especially the coaches. It doesn’t matter what level you are, or how long you’ve been doing CrossFit.” 
“When you come into G-Force, you’re part of the community, you’re part of the family.”
– Courtney

“All the coaches scale the training for each person, so even if you can’t lift certain weights or do certain movements, there’s always stuff to help you develop.”
– Little Lachy

“Everyone’s got a different goal. Some are here to lose weight, put on muscle, but everyone is transforming themselves.”
– Beattie

“I never thought that I would ever achieve what I’ve achieved up to today. It’s been an amazing journey, and G-Force has been with me the entire time.”
– Kay

Kay is one of our superstar athletes who is not only older than all our members, but she’s gone and won national and world titles in dragonboat racing. She’s an exemplary person in ability, in motivation, and in goal setting.

We have one other quiet-achieving dark horse at G-Force that we’d like to shed a little light on. His name is Tom, and about 10 years ago he began competing in surf life saving. His main event was the surf swim where he would run fifty metres, swim four hundred metres out into the surf and back in, then a fifty metre run to finish. To train for his events, he would swim about thirty five to forty kilometres a week.

Through his dedication and commitment to his training, he now has seven Australian titles, and has lost count of how many state titles he’s won. So modest Tommy!

Tom has this to say about his training: “One of my career highlights, if I can call it that, came whilst training with Glen and the crew at G-Force when I won the NSW Open men’s surf swim title, after trying for so many years with podium finishes and chocolate medals. To finally get there, it was a pretty sweet feeling, and I know my gym work had played a big part in it.”

Tommy is now training for a 3.5km ocean swim in October as part of a team event in the Coolangatta Gold. On top of his three-to-four sessions a week, he’s training at G-Force about three times a week in preparation.

We’re glad to have you on board Tom. Congratulations on all your successes, and we’ll be rooting (minds out of the gutter kids) for you for your upcoming competition.

To conclude this week’s blog, here are the recent personal bests at G-Force. Keep being awesome crew.

July 2016 Week 2

See y’all in the gym.

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