The G-Force Source: Winter Is Here But Do Not Fear

The G-Force Source: Winter Is Here But Do Not Fear

“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.”
— Aristotle

It’s no longer a tease in the weather; the Winter blues has arrived and its effects have been applied. The mornings and nights are causing a shiver but at G-Force, we hope that your fitness regime does not quiver.

Riddles aside, Winter stings the body and we tend to see people hide away from its burn. People are afraid to leave the warmth of their homes but the fear of Winter needs to be overcome for the sake of your health. Burying yourself in layers of blankets and sipping a hot chocolate isn’t going to see you make leaps and bounds in your personal fitness and CrossFit goals. Attending G-Force and partaking in its many offers? That certainly will. We have plenty happening over the Winter period and it’s not too late to get amongst it.

The biggest event of Winter is our Body Transformation And Lifestyle Challenge. Something of this magnitude is a first for G-Force and you won’t find anyone anywhere–specifically in CrossFit–offering what we are. Our challenge starts off with a DEXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) scan which will tell you about your bone density, muscle mass, fat mass, body fat percentage, visceral fat tissue levels and more. The scan and the consultant will then produce your macro-nutrient breakdown to assist you with your diet plan. The Delish Deliveries company will then cater a diet suited to your needs. It’s all done for you but you just need to commit!

On Saturday the 16th of June, G-Force is running a seminar with guest speakers talking about sleep, daily habits, rituals, your mind, meditation and more. There will be item giveaways and a lovely cold exposure experience for everyone. Lunch is included. Yes, a free feed. We knew that would arouse your attention.

The whole challenge includes a spreadsheet to check your progress, a macro-nutrient and calorie counter, two DEXA scans (before and after), customised meal plan and food deliveries, the seven hour seminar with special guest speakers and at the conclusion of the challenge, there will be a cash prize for best male and female who achieved the greatest results. Head coach Glen has planned heavily for our Winter event and we hope that the results outweigh the efforts that went into its planning. Accountability rests with you! We can only meet you halfway with these offers but you must take it the rest of the way to your better overall health and progress in CrossFit.

In addition to our challenge, G-Force hosts weekly movement workshops, a specialty gymnastics and weightlifting class and to combat Winter even further, G-Force is opening up on Sunday mornings starting on the 17th of June. We all crave that hot summer bod. Get into our new classes, our workshops, our extensively planned Winter challenge and our new Sunday classes and your efforts will see results.

Lastly, G-Force will be conducting some renovations upstairs to convert the old office to our first ever crèche for mums and their bubs. More information coming about this soon but spread the word: we’ll have our very own child prison with its own babysitter to watch your children while you train. Freedom is bliss, even if it’s only for an hour.

There’s plenty happening this Winter. Don’t succumb to the Winter blues. Overcome your fear of the cold and watch you progress unfold!

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