The G-Force Source: WOD for Nepal

The G-Force Source: WOD for Nepal

At around midday (Nepal Standard Time) on the 25th of April, just over one week ago, Nepal was hit with a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake which resulted in the utter destruction of human life and the country’s infrastructure. Currently, the death toll is at about 7000, about 15000 are injured, and millions have been left with the urgent need for humanitarian aid. There are organisations out there trying to provide shelter, water, food and other supplies. You can help too.

This coming Saturday on the 9th of May, G-Force CrossFit is joining a large number of other CrossFit affiliates in holding a fundraising event to raise money for Nepal. WOD for Nepal is a movement started by a local CrossFit affiliate with the idea for CrossFit boxes to conduct one particular WOD as a collective, and to raise as much money as possible, with 100% of proceeds being sent over to Nepal. Your money will go directly towards what Nepal currently urgently needs: shelter and water. We ask that everyone get themselves to G-Force on Saturday morning, and to bring as many friends as possible for WOD for Nepal.

Prior to WOD for Nepal on Saturday, we have our final InBody scan. We’re going to run the scan prior to the WOD. Make sure you put your name down with Glen, and see how your body has changed since our first scan 12 weeks ago on the 14th of February. G-Force will be giving away a prize pack to the most improved, and to the person with the greatest fat loss. You have one more week to make a difference.

You know what time it is: PB city time! We’d like to make special mention to Beattie who not only achieved a personal best, but he also invented a brand new movement never heard of before! G-Force’s very own Clark Kent achieved a 95kg hang squat (that’s what our PB board said)! We have no idea how one does a hang squat, but we’re amazed at his Superman-like abilities. Well done Beattie! Our redheaded rager (no, not you Crabby) Jakii hit a triplet this week, with an extra 5kg on her front squat, 4kg on her clean & jerk, and 4kg on her clean. One of G-Force’s new members, Alex G, hit an 80kg clean & jerk, and Kristie hit 15 unbroken pull-ups not once, but twice! She also achieved 50 unbroken double unders, again not once, but twice!

We’re absolutely ecstatic at seeing everyone continuing to improve. Well done team!

Every second counts.

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