The G-Force Source: World class athletes and world class humility

The G-Force Source: World class athletes and world class humility

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”
— Ernest Hemingway

There is always room for improvement. There is always more to learn. Very rarely—if it even happens at all—does someone master a particular skill, talent or subject matter. To keep yourself open to always learn more and not to dismiss others who know less than you can be said to be true humility. Of course, not realising you’re being humble contributes to humility.

I speak of humility as I have done so before because I am publishing this edition of the Source from a place in the world where there are a large number of amazing and world class athletes, yet they know nothing of arrogance. I am currently in Uzbekistan for my second weightlifting training camp here where I am graced with the pleasure of lifting alongside the world’s best Olympic weightlifters. There are senior, junior and youth world champions here, but they’ll never tell you, and they’ll never dismiss you or your abilities as a weightlifter. In fact, I have had a number of these great athletes and great people congratulate me on my competition results at Uzbek Weightlifting Nationals, despite having been one of the lower calibre athletes.

The attitude here is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. The people here are always respectful, always kind, and when it comes times to train, we all focus and commit to what needs to be done. Timing are important as we have scheduled meal times, scheduled training times, and at night when it comes time to rest, we are locked in our accommodation so we’re made to rest.

Training here consists of double sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with single sessions on Tuesday and Saturdays, active recovery on Thursday with light conditioning and sauna, and Sunday we Netflix and chill.

Weightlifting is highly respected here, and in return, it appears weightlifting respects the athletes.

Last week in the Source, we told y’all to get out there, explore, adventure, and learn new things. This time around, we convey the same message. Through my adventures in Uzbekistan, I am reminded that in Australia and other places around the world, we take many things for granted. Always appreciate what you have, who you have, and what you do. Don’t lose focus on the small things in life which bring us joy.

Get out there, see new things, learn new perspectives, and experience life.

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Glen will see y’all in the gym. I’ll see y’all when I get back.

Train hard or go home.

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