The G-Force Source: wrapping up the Open

The G-Force Source: wrapping up the Open

In February and March this year, forty five dedicated soldiers from the G-Force CrossFit blue army participated in CrossFit’s craziest season of the year: the CrossFit Open. Each week on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, everyone turned up and participated in the worldwide event, testing yourselves against your own fitness, and the fitness of your buddies in the gym.

We’d like to make special mention of the main highlights from the Open that were witnessed at G-Force. Though it is a relief to return to the norm, the Open does have its successes and purposes, and the list below will make that evident:

Gareth knocking out 55 deadlifts at 102kg in 16.4 when he could not deadlift that weight once when first starting up at G-Force.
Casey performing her 1RM deadlift 55 times in 16.4.
Courtney annihilating every workout each week. She was extremely motivated and performed every workout at max effort.
Vanessa, the Scotsman Steve, Murilo and Ali Maree getting their first bar muscle-ups.
Netta performing extremely well and placing 22nd in Australia in the Masters Women category.
Sergio and Shaz performing the Open workouts together as a married couple with the support of their children cheering them on each week.
Everyone who participated in the Open for the first time, we are very proud of you and your efforts each week.
The consistent turn-out every Friday afternoon/night and Saturday morning without a drop-off in attendance.
Family and friends turning up at G-Force to cheer on their family and friends.

There you have it. The Open was a killer, but it brought people together, it brought upon new personal bests, and it created a great atmosphere on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

We’d also like to make special mention to our G-Force CrossFit team which finished in 45th in Australia with top contributors: Glen, Alex, Danny Campbell, Josh, Meg, Jak, and Netta.

Thank you again to everyone for participating in the Open. G-Force prides itself on mateship, camaraderie, and being a box free from segregation. The blue army at G-Force CrossFit is one team. You’ve all shown us that during the Open, and we wish for that to never change.

See you all in the gym.

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