The G-Force Source: We built this PB city on squats and gains

The G-Force Source: We built this PB city on squats and gains

Welcome to the first official edition of The G-Force Source! As we explained in last week’s introductory post, the Source will be your information hub for everything that’s going on at G-Force. We’ll discuss the lives of our clients and their PBs, upcoming events, past events, and everything else that’s going on in and around the box.

The Opens are over. Hallelujah! We’ve returned to the world of the norm and can now work on getting you guys strong. If you haven’t already noticed through extreme muscle soreness—being unable to maneuver a flight of stairs or sit on a toilet seat—our strength cycle program has kicked off. You’ll be seeing more squats, cleans, snatches and jerks in the program to help you guys regain some of the strength you may have lost during the cardio-rich Opens period. To help with that, Ricky and Sarah who are the owners and coaches of Atletika Weightlifting  are going to be doing a six week blog at G-Force, breaking down and teaching you the ways of the Force. No, I joke. They’ll teach you the snatch, clean, and jerk. The six week block starts this Thursday, April 16th. Speak to Glen for more information.

Blue Army - Regionals 2014Despite the Opens now being behind us, we remain hopeful that the G-Force team (comprising of Glen, Stu, Alex, Meg, Emma and Jakii) will qualify for Regionals. The team will be training hard over the next five weeks to prepare themselves for the Regionals which take place May 22nd to May 24th at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre. Just like last year, we hope to see you, the blue army [pictured above], at the Regionals cheering our guys on and creating a sonic boom by making as much noise as humanly possible!

We have a jam-packed weekend coming up. On the 17th of April, I (Met) will be competing at an official weightlifting competition, and hoping to qualify for natioanls. It’s at Odd Socks weightlifting gym at Strathfield. It kicks off at 7pm. We already have a cheer squad, but you’re all welcome to come and join the madness. On April 18th, we have an ASN-hosted barbecue happening at the box. It is open to all G-Force CrossFit and G-Force fitness members. There will be one team WOD at 8am, followed by the barbecue.  And then on the 19th, we have the Ingleburn team competition. We have three teams competing, comprising of two females and two males on each team. Let’s replay that broken record and again say that we want to see you all there.

To conclude matters for this week’s G-Force Source, we’d like to make a shout-out to Alison who took out the March client of the month. Well deserved Ali! We also had some big PBs this week. Our favourite Scotsman (or is he Irish? Same same really) Steve achieved a 15kg PB, hitting 135kg on his front squat. Anton hit a 110kg front squat with a PB of 10kg, Jakki PB’d her back squat by 7.5kg with 107.5kg, and Lachlan’s split jerk went up from 75kg to 85kg. Good work team!

Pictured below is the G-Force Fitness class that started their block on Wednesday. Wishing all those fitness-goers all the best, and hoping to see some great results at the end of the six weeks!

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